What’s MTI

Mission to India codenamed “MTI” is a missionary effort of David Sanda Revivals, Nigeria to take the Gospel of our Lord and Saviour to the unreached millions in the nation of India.

Rev. Sanda received this instruction and vision from Lord way back in 1985 as a young teenager who had just been saved himself two years before then. He clearly remembers and speaks often of this call of the Lord upon his life thus:

“The Lord told me in an open vision, I have several of my people in India, longing to receive my plan of salvation just as the man of Macedonia did in the times of Paul and I will want you to partake in getting the Word of life across to them. For this task, I will train you and in due time I will take you there, Starting from a place called Madras in the South through to the north shall I cause my glory to be seen”

This is what drives MTI.

The Lord told him there was an assignment do in India and that He will take him to a city called Madras (now Chennai) from there He will have him work through to the north proclaiming the gospel of His love and grace but that the time was not yet and that in due time He will instruct him. In 1987, David Sanda was healed divinely of Sickel Cell Aneamia and the Lord changed his genotype from SS to AA (a medical miracle).

Through the mentorship of my local pastor then (Pastor Peter Alao), I was counseled to finish school and to keep waiting for God’s timing about India. I went back to school. In 1993 forfeiting my career in Chemical Engineering for the full time ministry work as the Lord lead me into apostolic ministry work in Northern Nigeria and in several west African nations. Out of zeal for the Lord’s house, I made several attempts at diverse times to go to India but He kept telling me the time was not yet and that I needed the right contacts and relationships. However we never ceased to pray for the Nation, the Ministers, the Churches and the unreached people in India.

Rev. Sanda is graciously married to Dr. Mary (a pastor, veterinarian and university lecturer) and they are blessed with two lovely teenagers. Ten years ago, he was led to start the Church arm of our ministry (The Love Oasis) and just on the 23rd of November during the Church’s 10th year anniversary and convention, the Lord told him it was time to begin his apostolic gospel campaign in India.

Mission to India plans to visit Madras (now called Chennai) and her environs between 23rd March through to 25th of April to do outreaches, healing revival meetings, bible studies, seminars and conferences as the Lord leads and doors are made available to do ministry. Please consider Joining and Partnering with Us.

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