India: Its Your Time!

In every generation, there is a season in which God’s attention is on a people, a race or a location to do them good. It is my strong belief that this is the time for India to be favoured with God’s grace, mercy and blessings. For indeed it takes all these for a people to be drawn to the loving arms of a Saviour who beckons and intercedes for them.

But You, O Lord, are enthroned forever; and the fame of Your name endures to all generations. You will arise and have mercy and loving-kindness for Zion, for it is time to have pity and compassion for her; yes, the set time has come [the moment designated].  (Psalms 102:12-13 AMP)

Among the many that have been toiling in the land of the Indians to see the light of Christ permeate the gross darkness, have been some who have been martyred by haters of God, His Son and His Gospel, however the Church of Jesus Christ waxes stronger by the day in the land. I believe that as we pray and give globally for word evangelism these lovely people for whom Christ also died can and must be rescued.

I strongly sense in my spirit, India: Its your time!